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I love what I do

My name is Padam Chopra (I guess that you already know that by now) and I'm a Web Developer/UX Designer and am currently undergoing the process to become a 'hardcore' Programmer. I live in India and first got into making websites when I was in 8th class (I'm in 10 right now, so yeah, its been 2 years) and since then, I've made about 30+ websites- for either my school or myself or for various competitions (and I've won them too)

I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python and Java as of now (Soon swift would be added to this list). I love making websites/web-apps (not to be confused with android/iOS apps). I've even participated and won in various national and international competitions and in four of them, I got an All India Rank (AIR) 23, 43, 3 and 11.

"I believe that the real power of technology, starts from the point where human potential ends!"

I've even participated in an Inter-Collegiate Programming Competition (which even had college students and I'm still in 10th) and out of the 3397 participating teams, I achieved a rank of 43. Another achievement that I'm proud of, is the Atal Tinkering Labs Innovation Challenge in which I (along with 4 other students in my team) got an AIR of 11 and a cash prize of Rs. 20 Lakhs (29,405 USD) but all of it went to our school (Yup, that's the sad part)

I love innovating, creating and executing. You can even see some of my projects and achievements on this site (but not as of now... I still need to update the site). Since I'm a web developer, I can actually make a site on my own but then one needs to pay for hosting and domain registration. So I decided to use Webflow (Though, I have added custom code in this as well) as of now. As soon as I start earning money (which would be around 2023), I'll buy my own domain :P

Are you looking for someone to help you in making a website or even make algorithms? Just Contact me… I'll try my best to help you!

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